Our Vision

We believe that artificial intelligence has the potential to help  solve some of the big challenges facing humanity.  Sectors such as health, education, government and transportation will be transformed by using data in an intelligent way. We look forward to a world of autonomous travel, predictive and preventative healthcare  and education for all.

Meet the Team

The Mindstream team have been closely associated with the London startup scene for over 10 years.  We have built a strong following of data scientists, sector specialists. startup founders and investors, all intent on helping large and medium sized organisations to innovate.

Paul Dowling

Founder & CEO

Paul has over 30 years experience of working in technology and management consulting firms. He has also spent the last 10 years working with startup founders and investors in the European technology startup eco-system. He is a regular speaker at international startup events and mentors for several leading accelerators. Paul is passionate about the potential for large and medium size organisations to innovate through artificial intelligence and insights gained through data science.

Ralph Stenzel


Ralph has a wealth of startup experience having worked with FilmDoo, PropertyTribes, Quickclass and Shopitize. Prior to this he was leading tech teams and projects at Deloitte, Siemens and Lexis-Nexis (Reed Elsevier), with a focus on data analysis, data warehousing, reporting and system integration. Ralph is also busy as mentor, hackathon judge and workshop tutor. Ralph brings strong programme delivery skills and acts as the bridge between the client and the data scientists in our community.

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Data scientist

Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis is an expert data scientist, member of the Royal Statistical Society statistician and startup consultant living and working in London. A natural polymath, with degrees in Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Economics and a PhD in Computer Science he loves using his broad skillset to solve difficult problems.

Anthony Thomas

Software Engineer

Anthony is a data manager for medical data and provides private consultancy for software engineering and development. Anthony is able to communicate effectively with clients, whether translating algorithms for data extraction or delivering software from requirements. Anthony is currently based at Imperial College. His experience with health data and research spans eight years at Imperial College and UCL. Anthony understands the lifecycle of medical data and, as Information Governance Lead, the security of these data.


Vaiva Kalnikaite

UX Designer

Vaiva has been running Dovetailed, an award winning deep-tech UX agency based in Cambridge and London, for over 6 years now after a career including stints at GE, Microsoft and a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction. Vaiva has led Dovetailed on a range of projects involving novel 3D food printing, AI agent interactions across multiple domains, sensing tech for smart cities, wearable technologies for detecting CCTV surveillance and CAD tools for engineers. She is currently working on the UX of AI and is keen to help companies maximise the use of UX in this field.