Unleash the power of your data

We are entering the third industrial revolution where data is driving unprecedented change in all sectors. The low-hanging fruit of the internet have been gathered and now is the time to tackle some of the large and interesting challenges facing mankind. Whether it is analysing patient data to deliver improved healthcare or transforming education through student insights; Technology is changing the way we work.

Data is like the new oil, driving today's businesses to new heights.  Companies can use technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and statistical analysis to access unique insights and provide transformational solutions to their staff and clients.



Consultancy services

We offer consultancy services in anything related to data science. Some examples include:

We work with companies of all sizes, from multinationals to startups. we also offer business advice on data-related issues (such as data monetisation).


Data Scientist on demand

Tap into a global network of brilliant data scientists to undertake your complex projects.

Our community comprises some of the top minds from universities such as UCL, Imperial College, Oxford, Cambridge and others.

We help these brilliant individuals find satisfying projects to challenge their intellect and increase their experience.

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Fixed Price Projects

It is often possible to deliver solutions to your data science challenges on a fixed price basis.  We are looking for exciting and challenging projects for our data scientists.

We will meet with you to fully understand the assignment and deploy individuals or a small team to address the requirement for a fixed cost. In this scenario we would normally take responsibility for project management.

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Innovation Workshops

Companies find it difficult to innovate internally and there are clear advantages to looking at opportunities with a fresh pair of eyes. This is particularly true in areas such as artificial intelligence where it takes the knowledge of an experienced data scientist to identify the insights that can be extracted from your data.

We run workshops with clients to help identify how data science might leverage your data to add value to your business.

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Tap into high quality content on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provided by our friends at AI Valley.

Deeptech Mondays

Deeptech Mondays is a series of monthly mixers, held on the first Monday of the month at Kings Cross in London. The objective is to bring together data scientists, academics, venture capital and health organisations to catalyse discussions on artificial intelligence and other frontier technologies.  It's invite only so register your interest here.

Register as a data scientist

If you are a data scientist please register here using Linkedin or your CV.  This will create a profile which we will not share with anyone else. We are using machine learning to match profiles with client opportunities.

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